About Tranchet Trading

Tranchet Trading is a Swiss-based trading company and is a supplier to some of Europe's best Tuning companies and specialists for high performance exhaust systems. We have more than 15 years in the exhaust business and work very successfully with Milltek.

We are co-operating with Milltek Sport, manufacturer of the best possiblle exhaust systems and our main focus is to supply tuning companies and specialists in Switzerland. We also distribute outside Switzerland to tuning companies, specialists, and retail customers.

Some of our key marques are brands like: Audi, VW, BMW, and Porsche. The material for the complete exhaust systems is aircraft-grade high quality stainless steel T-304 anti-magnetic.

Milltek is a manufacturer which is for nearly 30 years of continous development in sport exhaust-systems. All parts like silencers, trims, tube-bending are all manufactured in their own factory. As all our systems are specially built for every car type specific we do not use universal silencers.

The mandrel bend of the pipework increases gas flow to reduce the backpressure, in combination with the increse of the bore, we can produce a power and torque increase, without a loss of mid range torque.

Our target is, supply the new outcoming exhaust system with CH and EWG homologation.
The first cars have just succesfully undergone the CH-homologation.